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Michelle & Jason

I met Michelle and Jason this past May at Dorothy & Tom's wedding. Michelle is Dorothy's sister! When her and Jason got engaged they called and hired me for their wedding this March. Michelle and Jason are both so sweet and fun. Their original engagement shoot session was rained out, so we rescheduled for an early morning at Alley Pond Park in Queens, which happened to be the coldest day in a very long time. We braved the 20 degree weather, left with all our fingers and toes intact and got some amazing shots. Congratulations guys! I can't wait to shoot your wedding!

Gina & Ed on Exquisite Affairs!

Gina and Ed's wedding was featured on Exquisite Affairs Productions blog yesterday!   Thanks to Christine who planned their beautiful wedding. 

Check it out HERE

Sara & Josh

I met up with Sara and Josh a couple of weekends ago at Central Park. Sara & Josh traveled down to NYC from Boston for their engagement shoot.


They have a really funny story of how they got together. Here it is in Sara's words:

We went on our first date during the summer of 2004 after we exchanged a few messages on MySpace. We went to see Napoleon Dynamite and got pizza and ice cream in Cambridge. I thought he was cute in a geeky sort of way and thought to myself we'd be better off as friends. As the evening drew to a close, he walked me to my door and gave me an unexpected kiss goodnight. A few weeks later, I developed a horrendous sore throat and was diagnosed with Mononucleosis. I got in touch with Josh (after not speaking to him since the date), and he disclosed that he had Mono not too long ago. Somehow we bonded over our shared symptoms, and over the course of the next year became inseparable (but only as friends, as I had gotten back with my ex-boyfriend). Throughout that time, my grandmother would always ask me why I wasn't dating Josh since I would talk about him more than my then boyfriend. Not long after my ex-boyfriend and I separated for good, I decided to take the plunge from friends to more than friends and told Josh how I felt about him. Luckily he felt the same way and the rest is history!


I got to spend a few hours walking around the park and getting to know them. Despite the fact they said they hate PDA, I did my best to make them kiss in every location! They were good sports and the photos turned out great. I can't wait to shoot their wedding next summer at Harvest on Hudson in Westchester!


Here's the story of how Josh proposed... so sweet!

It was our 3 year anniversary and he took me out for a fancy dinner. I'll admit I had been dropping hints about getting married, but I wasn't expecting anything. We returned from dinner and I announced I was going to bed. Josh said he was going to stay up and keep packing (we were in the process of moving to a house). I fell asleep and then awoke an hour or two later to him getting in bed. He had left the hall light on and I kindly asked him to turn it off. He said that it was fine and we should just go to sleep - knowing that I'd never be able to sleep with a light on somewhere in our house. I grumpily stumbled out of bed and noticed that there was soft classical music playing and the dining room had been completely cleared of moving boxes. On the dining room table was a lamp with a ring underneath, next to a note that said "You Win". Needless to say I was in shock as well as half asleep! I almost thought I was dreaming. After I requested that he ask me the proper way, I of course said yes. I'm not sure how I eventually got back to sleep that night!

Here are some more of my favorites!





Jackson & Kasey

I was fortunate enough to meet & photograph two of the cutest, and most well-behaved twin boys a couple of weeks ago - Jackson and Kasey! I met their Mom and Dad, Tara & Kyle, when they were guests at Jessica & Steve's wedding in August - Kyle was the best man. We had a ton of fun in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Oh and their Aunt was in the process of making them Elvis Presley costumes for Halloween, complete with Elvis glasses (which will explain the last photo!).

Karen and Ron got married!

Karen and Ron were married at City Hall Restaurant in New York City. First we hit up Gramercy Park for some portraits and then moved on to the streets of Tribeca before getting to the restaurant. The ceremony was beautiful and everyone had so much fun at the reception. Thanks to Jayd Gardina for second shooting with me! Congratulations Karen and Ron!

Check out their slideshow HERE.

Ceremony/Reception Venue: City Hall Restaurant
Florist: Teddy's Florist in Astoria
Cake: Cake Alchemy

Wedding Details

Bride and Groom Portrait

Gina & Ed took the leap!

I met Gina for the first time over the summer. She was reluctant to hire a photographer, but luckily her friends told her how she might regret that decision later. We met up a couple of months later to do their engagement shoot. I had so much fun with the two of them, I couldn't wait for the wedding. Gina and Ed had their intimate ceremony in the garden's at their apartment in Washington Heights, New York. What I didn't realize until I got there, was that they have an amazing view of the George Washington Bridge, the fall foliage just beyond the bridge and the water it crosses. Absolutely beautiful! After the ceremony, we headed down to the meatpacking district in Manhattan for some fun bride and groom portraits. The reception, which was an intimate dinner with close family and friends, was held at Gradisca Restaurant in New York City. Thanks so much to Shannon Cunningham for shooting with me! Shannon, you rock!





Check out the slideshow for more images from their beautiful day!

Congratulations Gina & Ed and I wish you guys much love and happiness in the future!

Lauren and Sergio

Lauren and Sergio were married at the beautiful and historic St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in Soho. They left plenty of time for us to do portraits, so we started in Soho in the area around the church and then walked the streets of Tribeca. I love love love all of these portraits. We had so much fun - Lauren and Sergio were up for anything - the pink horse was even their idea! They had a dinner at Savore Restaurant, so I stuck around for bit to capture everyone mingling and having a great time. Congratulations Lauren & Sergio, and thanks for an inspiring Saturday!

Check out more in the slideshow:

Eileen & Brendan

A few weeks ago, I shot Eileen and Brendan's wedding with Jennifer Davis. They were married at the beautiful Tarrytown House Estate in Westchester, NY.

Here are some details from their amazing, Irish themed day:


The funny thing about this day is that one of my good friends from college, Siobhan, was a guest. I hadn't seen her in years, and during group portraits, I noticed her hanging out on the side lines. I had a feeling I would run into someone I knew at some point while shooting - and I'm so excited that Siobhan and I are back in touch now.

Siobhan is the one in the middle here:

Some more of my favorites...

That's the groom walking to where he'd see his bride for the first time:

Irish Dancers performed -- they were so good!

Irish Dancers

Congratulations Eileen & Brendan!

Gina & Ed are engaged!

A few weeks ago, I met up with Gina and Ed at Fort Tryon Park here in NYC. Gina was worried about being in front of a camera, but she turned out to be a natural! It was great practice for their wedding day, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. They are such a great couple, who are obviously very much in love.

Here's the story of how they met in Ed's own words:
So my sister had another one of her improv performances in the West Village and since I had missed the last two, I really had to go this one. Afterwards, I tagged along as my sister and her friends headed to the bar around the corner. I met Gina when she moved in on my plate of Buffalo wings. As we devoured the plate, we talked about my recent trip to Italy and her relatives there. We flirted for a while, but when I walked her to the subway and sneaked a kiss at the turnstile, I knew she was something special.

And here's how they got engaged, as told by Gina:
In December 2007, we really needed a break from New York City and headed down to Florida. We were sitting on the beach, when I noticed Ed fumbling around. I glanced over and shot him a “what are you doing?” face as he got down on one knee. And when he said, “Gina, will you be my wife?” I was so stunned that I just kept repeating “Are you serious?” Ed looked concerned as he assured me that he was. I smiled, got a bit misty eyed and said, “Yeah! Of course I’ll marry you!”

Congratulations Gina & Ed! I can't wait for your wedding day - only two more weeks to go!